Club T-shirt

All registered athletes will receive a dry-fit T-shirt that they can wear for the early track meets. Please make sure to follow the care instructions for these shirts by washing them inside out and drying on low heat only if needed.


The 2021 Bay Blaze uniforms can be purchased from Trackbarn. All athletes should purchase a singlet top for $38.99 and have the option of several shorts (split shorts, compression tights, performance shorts). Families may also opt to provide their own shorts as long as they are dark gray. The team store also has warmups, backpacks, and other accessories available for purchase. All uniform orders will need to be submitted no later than Sunday April 25th using the button below or the link provided via Email.


For practices and meets, athletes will at least need a basic pair of comfortable running shoes. Depending on the athletes age and events, track spikes or specific field event shoes may be beneficial but are not required. Sometimes you can find these shoes at local shoe stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or even Ross however we’ve been able to find the best availability of varieties and sizes online at the following stores:,, and

As of the time of this writing First to the Finish has track spikes as low as $19.99 and they often have online discounts and coupons available.

Please talk to the coaches about recommended track-specific footwear for your athlete and know that many younger athletes will not see a significant improvement with track spikes although they may feel very cool running in them.