Age Divisions

Age divisions are determined by birth year.

8 & Under2014 & After2015 & After2016 & After2017 & After
9 Year Old2013201420152016
10 Year Old2012201320142015
11 Year Old2011201220132014
12 Year Old2010201120122013
13 Year Old2009201020112012
14 Year Old2008200920102011
15‐16 Year Olds2006‐20072007‐20082008‐20092009‐2010
17‐18 Year Olds2004-20052005-20062006-20072007-2008

*Athletes who are still eighteen (18) years of age through the final day of the AAU Junior Olympic Games shall be eligible to compete in the 17-18 year olds division.

**No athlete may compete in a younger or older age division in individual events. The AAU Athletics athletes must compete in their own age division with the following exceptions: For relays only, 9 Year Old athletes may compete in the 10 Year Old division. 11Year Old athletes may compete in the 12 Year Old division; and 13 Year Old athletes may compete in the 14 Year Old division.

Event Limitations

In track and field, a competitor in the 8-Under, 9 Year Old, 10 Year Old, 11Year Old or 12 Year Old age divisions may enter a maximum of three (3) events. Competitors in the 13 Year Old, 14 Year Old, 15-16 Year Old, or 17-18 Year Old age divisions may enter a maximum of four (4) events. These event limitations include relays, but do not include multi-events. Entry in a relay, either as a principal or an alternate member, will be considered an entry for the purpose of this rule.

Eligible Events by Age Division